Mobile Website Designers

WebEssentials designs mobile websites for iPhones, Android phones, iPads and Kindles too.
Having a mobile website makes your company easily accessible to a growing audience. Customers carry their smartphones everywhere and use them regularly to make immediate decisions and to take quick action. Many consumers make travel arrangements or restaurant reservations exclusively by mobile phone. Don’t give customers-on-the-run an excuse to browse elsewhere. There are many reasons for you to add a mobile site to your web presence:
  • Easy for mobile users to read your content
    Websites designed for the desktop/laptop don’t work well on mobile devices. Asking your users to pinch and zoom to read your content is unnecessary and dilutes your message. A mobile-ready site makes finding you quick, easy and friendly.

  • Your competition
    If your competition has a mobile website, you need one as soon as possible too – or risk losing your customers to businesses with a mobile presence.

  • Higher search rankings
    A business with both a mobile-friendly website and a standard site enjoys a distinct advantage over businesses that do not have a mobile site.

  • You don’t need to start from scratch
    Mobile sites are not expensive and as a WebEssentials customer we can create your mobile site using your existing artwork and content while requiring very little of your time.

If you're interested in a mobile site, please contact us to discuss the process.

"Also, I LIKE the fact that when people make inquires from the Mobile App it lets me know in the subject line. So I can see people are using it !! I think it paid for itself in a week :)" - Dave, Owner, Taylor House Bed & Breakfast in Boston, MA



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