SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine ranking
We submit your site to the most popular search engines as a part of the web site package. We pay close attention to selecting the most appropriate categories where users would expect to find your type of information or service. It can take from six weeks to a few months to appear in a search engine following submittal. To allow for the time it takes some search engines to index your site, we like to upload a temporary home page for you while the site is being built. This page contains all of your contact information, your logo, page title with your keywords and a quick description in the metatag code of your site. Having your web site address listed on other web sites you are affiliated with will also help your search engine rankings.

What good is your new website if people can't find you? Many sites are found through search engines. We pay attention to the details that search engines look for, including key words in your page title, appropriate text, meta tags and image alt tags.



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