Website Hosting Services

After your website is designed, hosting is the next step.
Your web pages (the computer files that make up your web site) need to be located on a “web server” computer that is connected to the Internet through a fast, always-on, reliable connection.

WebEssentials provides a state-of-the art network and infrastructure to deliver secure, reliable and flexible web solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our primary data center is located on the internet backbone in Atlanta GA with additional data centers in Los Angeles CA, Fort Lauderdale FL and Kansas City MO. Our data centers have been engineered to ensure security and maximum uptime with redundant connectivity, power, and HVAC systems.

Our world-class physical and technical infrastructure is monitored proactively by certified expert technicians to keep your Web business up and running around the clock. Reliability and performance is top priority for WebEssentials.

Web stats
Hosting services include a detailed daily statistical analysis of the traffic to your web site. You are automatically provided with a reminder email each month to view the latest report summary. These reports tell you about your site traffic, including key words used in search engines to find you. We will analyze your web stats to better assess the content of your site to optimally reach your target audience.


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